Feeding Cats: Common Issues

Many cat owners have already made their horror. Noticed that their cats like to be in the garden and drink from puddles and pools water. These cats do this even when in the kitchen when a clean bowl with pure tap water ready for the cat, maybe even milk. For some reason they spurn these hygienic pleasures and trolls. Instead to a standing pond to the dirty water.
The best books on cats emphasize time and again that cats must always have access to fresh, clean drinking water. That this water needs to be regularly renewed. Bowls must be cleaned regularly in order to prevent infections and to prevent contagion. But these books forget two things:
Fresh tap water is generally contaminated by chemical additives and often heavily chlorinated, so that it often smells of chemicals. This feels the cat is disturbing. Still trouble is when the water dish has been washed out with a modern detergent. This is bad enough for feeding bowls, but since superimposed the strong fragrance of fish or meat nor the unpleasant smell of the detergent. The “fragrance” of the detergent comes to the cats anyway. Unpleasant odor of the chemically treated water, with the result of that the cat will drink only if it has no other choice. The stale water in puddles and pools outside is much more attractive. Like even so many microbes and rotted plant parts in it, it’s natural and organic and gives the water a pleasant aroma for the cat.
For the liquid supply of your cat, it is essential that you never use it instead of water. Only offer milk. If you are providing your milk, you should always water, so that the cat has the choice. Contrary to the prevailing opinion abhor many adult cat milk right and she’s by no means vital for a cat. Some subspecies, especially in the case of Siamese cats, milk can even cause a stomach upset and if they give them milk without being offered as alternative water, they get easy diarrhea.
You many also read books on how to stop cats from spraying.

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