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I’m not advocating being deceptive when applying for insurance but it can pay to change your driving habits, ie you doing the bulk of the driving as the main driver. I’m not an insurance agent, nor do I work for an insurance company. BUT it’s my understanding that your dad’s insurance will deny his claim, because your not covered. I’m not in the car insurance game, but with so many other posters calling you out, you might want to check your facts.

I’m not entirely sure in this instance as the leasing element muddies the waters a little – the best thing to do is for both of you to check with your respective insurers. I’m not sure exactly why but this web site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists. I’m not sure if psbank lets you choose outright your amortization date. However, it’s at least possible with all banks.

I’m not sure the current status of the law, but the EU is moving to make this sort of gender discrimination illegal – at least until recently, (young) men paid more for car insurance, and also got better annuity rates due to their statistically shorter lifespans. I’m not sure what to tell you there are too many variables here.. you are best to find out from the poilce what the investigation entails and then follow up with your insurance professional. I’m still chewing on this, but I may actually stay with State Farm as I consider this worth $300/year.

I’m not sure what companies offer low cancellation fees – they all seem to try their hardest to claw any money back they can at cancellation – but it might be worth giving some of the bigger brands a call (AXA, Direct Line, Aviva, Admiaral) to see what their cancellation policies are if you were to cancel after three months. I’m not sure where I read this, but there are three certainties in life, Death, taxes and arseholes. I’m obliged to call you the latter.

I’m not sure why your insurers are you saying can’t be insured as the main driver on a car, even if you are not the registered keeper – seems a bit odd to me. I’m not trying to be combative. I’m just asking for a balanced approach to racism. Legislation to diminish the practice of systemic racism COUPLED with personal responsibility by the oppressed races.

i’m not to sure which one deals with insurance companies, but the companies themselves don’t tend to like em sticking their two pennies worth in, cos they tend to turn up all kinds of things when they start digging – and contacting them may make all the difference to your claim. I’m sure given the trajectory of the firm and numbers we have seen this morning that shareholders as well as bondholders will be pleased,” he added.

I’m now spending $1500 a year less for the same level of coverage. Yes, Nationwide spindoctors will tell you the service is good. Service is overrated. I’ve spent thousands with Nationwide and have never had to call them once….except yesterday, when I canceled my policy. I’m sure they’ll try to work something out with you. Howeve, expect resistance since they can reposses the car you loaned.

I’m on many meds, unfortunately, but am working on losing 123 lb (23 lb there already!) and eating super healthy, exercising, and I’m feeling slightly better in the pain department. Like you, I grind my teeth (anxiety? It is for me, I’m sure). I’m pretty sure a bloke from the RTA told me last year that if you’re involved in any sort of bingle (including a paint scraper in the car park) your chances of being in a fatal accident in the next year double.